Sacramento Real Estate Investor Ethan Conrad Bistro Pete's Restaurant and Brewhouse In NatomasSacramento, CA A civil lawsuit filed last week by Rose Law APC in Sacramento County Superior Court charges local real estate investor Ethan Conrad with cheating his restaurant workers out of earned overtime and other wages for their labor at Original Pete’s Restaurant & Brewhouse in Natomas. Conrad, shown in this image posing in 2013 near what he then said was his fourth Ferrari for a Sacramento Business Journal article, owns the restaurant through his limited liability company EC Pete’s LLC.

The alleged pay violations came to the attention of Rose Law APC employment attorneys when employees sought out legal help and reported working daily overtime without the legally required wage payments, according to the workers’ attorney, Joe Rose.

Rose first sought to resolve the wage complaint out of court directly with Conrad beginning in October 2015 to no avail, says Rose. After being alerted to one worker’s pay complaints, EC Pete’s LLC altered the employee’s timesheets by moving hours from the workdays actually worked to different workdays to make it falsely appear in the company’s time records no daily overtime hours were worked, Rose alleges in the lawsuit. The fraud was uncovered because a worker kept copies of his own accurate timecards showing the real overtime hours, the lawsuit alleges. Years of employee time records have been deleted, the employees’ complaint asserts.

Ethan Conrad and EC Pete’s LLC denied any wrongdoing in an undated statement from a restaurant manager before the lawsuit was filed, says Rose.

Rose Law APC estimates about 100 kitchen workers and servers may have claims for unpaid wages and overtime against EC Pete’s LLC. Rose Law APC sought authority from the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency to prosecute the action on a representative basis for all aggrieved employees under the Labor Code Private Attorney’s General Act. Any person who worked for Original Pete’s Restaurant & Brewhouse in Natomas since December 14, 2011, may contact lawyers at Rose Law APC at (800) 456-3767 for more information about the lawsuit, and visit

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The workers are represented by trial lawyers Joe Rose and Lisa L. Bradner of Rose Law, APC in Gold River, California. Rose and Bradner help employees and labor unions in employment law matters involving unpaid wages and overtime, misclassification as independent contractors, illegal discrimination, retaliation, and other labor law related matters.

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