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Ververka v. Dept. of Veterans Affairs (CA1/1 A163571M, filed 5/6/24, pub. 5/22/24, mod. 6/5/24) Whistleblower | Lab. Code section 1102.5

By June 5, 2024June 24th, 2024Uncategorized

It is ordered that the opinion filed herein on May 6, 2024, be modified as follows:

On pages 12–13: Delete the sentence beginning with “Likewise, here, we find it highly unlikely” on page 12 and ending with “based on nothing more than stray remarks” on page 13, and replace with the following sentence:

“Likewise, here, we find it highly unlikely the Legislature intended to impose liability on employers whenever a protected disclosure may have had minimal influence on their employment decisions, as this could easily lead to liability based on nothing more than passing remarks unrelated to the disputed employment decision.”

There is no change in the judgment.