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Legal Career Opportunities

We are always eager to hear from exceptional legal professionals interested in joining our team. If you are an attorney, paralegal, legal secretary, aspiring law clerk, labor relations or human resources professional, send us an email to

Tell us about yourself, your skills, experience, aspirations, and why you have interest in joining our team. Be sure to include your resume or curriculum vitae and a sample of your own unique work product.

We are a technology-driven law practice. All of our legal team members must be efficient, adept, and comfortable power users of traditional and cloud-based applications like Windows, Office, Adobe, etc. Ability to competently and proficiently run office machines is required. Be sure to describe your relevant experience and proficiency with these technologies when contacting us.


We are interested in hearing from attorneys throughout California with interest in full-time, part-time, or contract work in the practice areas of traditional labor law, employment law, administrative law, civil law and litigation, and criminal defense. Email your curriculum vitae and an example of your own unique work product showing your analytical skills and writing style to

Attorneys must be licensed to practice in California and in good standing with all federal and state court bars and agencies to which they are admitted to practice.

If you are a certified paralegal in the Sacramento area and you graduated from a paralegal college accredited by the American Bar Association, or have at least two years of full-time relevant law office paralegal experience, we would be interested in hearing from you. Email your cover letter, resume, and example of your work product in Word or Adobe Acrobat format to

We are a technology-driven law practice. A very high degree of proficiency and efficiency using Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.), Adobe Acrobat, Internet browsers (Explorer, Chrome, Outlook), initiative, and ability to quickly grasp new technologies as they may be adopted is a must. Experience using MyCase and Essential Forms is a plus.

Law students and recent graduates awaiting bar results who seek entry-level full-time or part-time experience as a law clerk in our busy law practice are encouraged to contact us by email to

Your job duties and responsibilities may include the full range of duties required to maintain a law practice, such as answering phones, filing, scanning, faxing, creating and organizing files, performing prospective client intake, assisting with organization and preparation of discovery in civil, administrative or criminal cases, watering plants, performing preliminary damages calculations, writing declarations, reviewing discovery, summarizing deposition transcripts, washing dishes, meeting with clients, and emptying trash cans.

Proficiency with Windows, Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel), Internet browsers, technology, and applications is a must.

We are interested in hearing from labor relations professionals interested in joining our team. You should be experienced in collective bargaining in the public and private sectors, handling grievances and unfair labor practice charges on behalf of our labor union and individual employee clients, and providing employee representation during investigatory and due process meetings. Excellent written, oral, and analytical skills, as well as a working knowledge of the Meyers-Milias-Brown Act, the Dills Act, the National Labor Relations Act, applicable portions of the California Labor Code, and other federal and state labor laws are essential.

Email your resume and cover letter detailing your professional experience to

If you are a human resources professional with experience in drafting employee handbooks, providing guidance and advice on disability interactive processes, workplace investigations, employee discipline, or performing classification and compensation studies, and would like to affiliate with our legal team on a part-time, contract, or project basis, we are interested in hearing from you.

Certification from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and familiarity with labor laws governing public and private sector employees in a union environment are desirable.

Email your resume and cover letter detailing your professional experience to


Availability of opportunities fluctaute from time to time. We are not always recruiting for full-time or part-time vacancies. Some opportunities may be contract or intermittent. The timing and nature of your professional inquiry are a match with our workload and needs at that time. We look forward to hearing from you: