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California state criminal offenses—infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies—are contained within 11 statutes. These statutes are the Penal Code, Vehicle Code, Health and Safety Code, Business and Professions Code, Government Code, Civil Code, Fish and Game Code, Harbors and Navigation Code, Insurance Code, Labor Code, and Military and Veterans Code.


The Penal Code forms the basis for the application of most criminal offenses in the State of California. The Penal Code was originally enacted in 1872 as one of the original four California Codes.


Penal Code


The Vehicle Code contains nearly all statutes relating to the operation, ownership and registration of vehicles (including bicycles). It also contains statutes concerning the DMV and the CHP.


Vehicle Code

Health and
Safety Code

Many offenses involving illegal possession or use of controlled or illegal substances, marijuana, and other crimes are contained in the Health and Safety Code.


Health & Safety Code

Business and
Professions Code

Crimes in the Business and Professions Code mostly involve unlicensed professionals practice, unlicensed contracting, pharmacy prescription offenses, and fraudulent or illegal sales practices.


Bus & Prof Code


Offenses in the Government Code relate to tampering with public documents and false statements concerning disability pensions. Other provisions provide for pension forfeiture upon certain criminal convictions.


Government Code

Civil Code

The Civil Code is a collection of statutes governing the general obligations and rights of persons within the jurisdiction of California. Criminal offenses in the Civil Code relate to illegal mortgage loan and real estate practices.


Civil Code

Fish and
Game Code

The Fish and Game Code contains offenses relating to California’s wildlife, like poaching, spotlighting, unlicensed or unlawful hunting or fishing, and illegal possession.


Fish & Game Code

Harbors and
Navigation Code

The Harbors and Navigation Code contains offenses criminalizing reckless boating and boat operations while under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating substances.


Harbors & Navigation

Insurance Code

Criminal offenses in the Insurance Code relate to false statements concerning insurance or workers’ compensation claims.


Insurance Code

Labor Code

Offenses in the Labor Code relate to taking illegal kickbacks from employee wages and other criminal violations of minimum wage, overtime, paycheck and worker protections.


Labor Code

Military and
Veteran's Code

The Military and Veterans Code criminalizes false representation of a military award, or the so-called “stolen valor” offense.


Military & Veterans
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