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Labor Law

Our California labor union lawyers represent organizations and individual members

Labor law is an area of federal and California law that deals with the rights of employers, employees, and labor organizations (unions and associations).

We represent labor unions and organizations in state, municipal, county, and local government as well as in private enterprise. Our attorneys are experts in California labor union negotiations, collective bargaining, employee grievances, workplace investigations, adverse actions, administrative appeals, arbitration proceedings, unfair labor practice charges, union elections, administrative law, and all other facets of California labor law. We skillfully handle employee organization legal matters in the public and private sectors.

Collective Bargaining

In these challenging economic times, we excel at negotiating collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) and memorandums of understanding (MOUs) for trade and labor unions, as well as labor organizations representing city, county, and State of California employees. Our union clients include labor organizations throughout California representing thousands of working people, such as water and wastewater workers, fire sprinkler fitters, firefighters, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, peace officers, fish and game wardens, lifeguards, military aviation training professionals, office professionals, engineers, electricians, investigators, hydroelectric power plant operators, heavy equipment operators, commercial drivers, laborers, code enforcement officers, police and fire dispatchers, evidence technicians, librarians, records clerks, and hundreds more.  Contact us to speak to an experienced labor attorney about professional assistance with negotiating your next labor contract.

Employee Grievances

Our labor attorneys have expertise in enforcing the terms of collective bargaining agreements involving wages, hours of work, and conditions of employment. Grievances under labor contracts typically involve several steps of internal administrative review culminating in a hearing before a private arbitrator, neutral hearing officer, appeals board, or civil service commission. The final decision can be either binding or advisory, but can generally be appealed further in state or federal court.

Union Elections

We provide legal advice and counsel to labor organizations during certification and representation elections to become recognized as the bargaining representative for an organized group of employees, decertification elections when bargaining agent status is challenged by a rival labor union, agency shop elections, and other union elections. Contact us to speak to an experienced labor attorney about professional assistance with your upcoming union election.

Investigations & Adverse Actions

Our California labor attorneys represent public and unionized employees in workplace investigations, disciplinary and adverse actions

Workplace Investigations

Employees under investigation at work can count on Rose Law attorneys to represent them and protect their rights during interviews and interrogations. We also represent licensed professionals under investigation by their licensing boards, which can have an adverse impact on employment. Our labor attorneys know your workplace rights and can help you defend yourself when your career is in jeopardy by accusations of employment-related misconduct. All employees have certain rights during investigations under federal and state law. Firefighters and peace officers have additional rights provided by California law in the Public Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights Act and the Firefighters Bill of Rights Act. Contact us to speak to a labor attorney about expert legal help to protect your job when you are the target of an employment investigation.

Adverse Actions and Workplace Discipline

Following a workplace investigation or arrest and conviction for off-duty conduct relating to employment, employees often face adverse action or disciplinary action such as formal reprimands, reductions in pay, suspensions without pay, demotions, and terminations. In California State employment, these disciplinary actions are labeled “adverse actions” and can be appealed to the State Personnel Board. In local government – cities, counties, and special districts – disciplinary actions are typically issued in proposed form before a due process meeting, known as a “Skelly hearing.” Public sector employees in local government typically have appeal rights under the agency’s personnel or civil service rules, or under the disciplinary appeals provisions of a memorandum of understanding. Private sector employees in a union workplace typically have appeal rights described in the employer’s disciplinary action policy or under the collective bargaining agreement. Contact us to speak to a labor attorney about defending you are facing career-threatening discipline at work.

Unfair Labor Practices

Our unfair labor practice attorneys handle individual and union litigation before the NLRB and the PERB

We prosecute and defend unfair practice charges before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and the California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB). Our advocacy at the NLRB and the PERB includes drafting or responding to unfair labor practice complaints, attending conferences with board agents, administrative trials before administrative law judges and board members, and appeals of administrative decisions in state and federal courts. Contact us to speak to an NLRB and PERB unfair practice attorney about your case.

Prepaid Plans

Members of your professional association, trade group, or labor organization value the legal services our attorneys provide as a benefit of membership loyalty

Strength In Numbers. Power In Unity.

Leveraging the strength and power of the membership in your professional association, labor organization, union, or group affiliation for affordable career protection is available through customized, prepaid legal plans. Your organization can partner with the California law firm of Rose Law to provide attorney advice, consultation, and defense for members involved in grievances, investigations, or adverse actions threatening your members’ livelihoods. All enrolled California members or affiliates of your organization can be fully covered by a customized prepaid legal plan. Call us today at 1-800-456-3767 so we can start to build a customized plan for your organization and its members.

Your Organization’s Legal Team.

Rose Law as founded in 2004 by Joe Rose, a former paramedic and firefighter turned attorney and real estate broker who provides expert legal defense to licensed healthcare, real estate, construction, and other business professionals. Rose Law lawyers represent working men and women throughout California.


Affordable Career Protection.

Attorneys fees and costs for these legal services being offered can cost thousands of dollars. Depending on the size of your organization and the type of plan you select, typically for about the price of your morning beverage, your members get guaranteed access and premium legal representation from experienced California labor and employment attorneys. Offering prepaid legal representation to members of your organization provides them with an important and valuable benefit of affiliation. Call us today at 1-800-456-3767 so we can discuss prepaid pricing options for your organization and its members.

24/7 Toll-Free Emergency Hotline Direct To The Law Firm.

Your members get 24-hour access via your dedicated toll-free emergency phone number to the attorneys and staff of the Rose Law legal team. After hours and on weekends or holidays, your members will reach the on-call attorney for emergency legal guidance on critical incidents.

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