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Watch what happens next when the white car in the left turn lane runs a red light, turning in front of our motorcycle injury client. This video was taken by the intersection traffic camera at the intersection of Greenback Lane & Dewey Avenue, Citrus Heights, California, on Oct 9, 2014.

The motorcycle rider is a client of Rose Law. Our client was transported by paramedic ambulance to the local trauma center and had surgery. We are pursuing monetary recovery for our client’s injuries and damages resulting from the driver’s negligent left turn into oncoming traffic against a red light, causing the collision between the automobile and our client’s Harley Davidson softtail.

As part of our investigation into the cause of the collision, and to determine who was at fault, we obtained this traffic camera video from law enforcement.

This is why wearing protection is absolutely paramount. Don’t leave your home without protective clothing and a helmet. If you don’t have a helmet, you should consider the AGV K-3 SV to get you started.

Seeking legal counsel, after initial medical assistance, is the logical course of action to bring a negligent driver to account after a motorcycle accident; those in Atlanta could reach out to The Millar Law Firm.

California Sacramento Stockton Modesto Ventura Motorcycle Injury Accident Attorney Lawyer If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle collision due to the negligence of another driver or party, contact the attorneys of Rose Law for legal help. Do not talk to the other party’s insurance adjuster until you talk to our California motorcycle injury legal team. 1-800-456-3767.

Motorcycle accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. If you have experienced an accident in Chicago, you may want to consider reaching out to this motorcycle accident lawyer in Chicago.

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